Welcome to Mr. Orne's American Revolution WIKI

Your task is to research one important event or leader whose actions contributed to the American Revolution, create a wiki page and give a 3-5 minute presentation about your topic.

The Essential Question:

To what extent did the events that took place in the 1770's,and important leaders from Massachusetts,help cause the American Revolution?

WIKI requirements:

Include a description of your event or person, why that event or person is important, and how the event has influenced the United States today.
Pictures, maps, and charts will help you explain your event/person.

You will also be asked to comment on each other's wikis and relate their topic to your own. Please be thoughtful and appropriate.
Please respond to the question: How does the event/person described on this Wiki page relate to your event/person?

Include a bibliography in proper MLA format at the bottom of your wiki page.