This is a picture painted by Paul Revere a week after the event. Painter is Paul Revere and he was a witness of the massacre. It was painted shortly after the the event. This was the start of violence between the colonists and the British. It was a result of rioting and fighting to protest against the soldiers being stationed in their colony. In this picture there were the soldiers open firing on the colonists. there are multiple people dead or wounded. Also this takes place in the middle of a city.

The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre took place on March 5, 1770 and it happened because of months of tension between the colonists and the British soldiers.

This event happened on King Street in Boston, late in the evening.

The Boston Massacre was important because it was the start of the physical violence between the British and the colonists. This wasn't an actual massacre because only a few people died, but it was given that title to get the colonists wanting to fight for their freedom.

It all started with the colonists harassing the British soldiers. They kept harassing them until about a dozen started attacking the colonists with swords and clubs.Then the colonists stopped and went home to help the injured and the soldiers went back into the barracks.Later that night a young boy ran around the town saying the soldier had hit the boy with the end of his musket. The colonists got very angry at this and started to riot again. When they saw the soldier that had hit the kid, they started attacking him, throwing sticks and snowballs at him. After he cried out for help, seven more soldiers came out to defend him, but the colonists would not stop. Finally, the British had enough and started firing and killed 5 colonists.

The fight was between the Bostonians and the British soldiers stationed there. The colonists were tormenting the British because they didn't want them there and also because earlier in the evening a soldier hit a young boy.

This is the Boston Massacre Memorial located in the Boston common.
Some historians thought the Boston Massacre had very little influence, but others say that it was very important event in the American Revolution. John Adams wrote," Not the battle of Lexington or Bunker Hill, not the surrender of Burgoyne or Corn Wallis were more important events in the American history then the battle of King street on the Fifth of March, 1700

Five colonists were killed in the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks, an African slave, was killed first. Samuel Gray,a worker at the rope walk. James Calduell, a mate on a American ship. Samuel Maverick, 17 year old ivory cutter. Also Patrick Carr was killed. He was an immigrant from Ireland.He didn't blame the soldier but the colonists.

The soldiers went to court and were put on trail for murder. They got a lawyer, John Adams, who later became our second president. two of the soldiers where charged with manslaughter.

The Boston Massacre influenced the revolution. The killings increased the colonist's inclination toward revolution. Americans learned that the British would use force when necessary to keep the Americans obedient.

People living at the time of the Boston Massacre got angered by the results of the courts ruled. The anger led to other events after like the Boston Tea Party.

After the Boston Massacre, later that day, the Townshend Act was repealed and the British troops were removed from the center of the city.
This is a map of Boston in 1770. The Massacer took place on King Street just north of the harbor.,_ma_.htm

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